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About NAWC

Meteorological Experts

For over 50 years NAWC and it's employees have earned a reputation for being one of the best meteorological consulting firms in the Western United Sites. Safeguarding our client's interests has always been our top priority.

For decades we have provided reliable, environmentally responsible and technologically advanced services, earning us remarkable customer loyalty. (Loads of references available upon request).

In the field of Weather Modification NAWC is built on a foundation of research and sound scientific study. Our proprietary equipment (patent pending) puts us at the forefront of efficiency and conservation.

When it comes to legal testimonies and forensic studies, you won't find a more thorough partner to support your case. We dive deeper, look beyond the seemingly apparent, and uncover the hidden nuances that make or break a case. 

If you are a healthcare facility, a flood district or a resort, don't trust generalized forecasts to make critical calls with significant ramifications. Get a personal meteorologist, dedicated to providing you with localized and accurate forecasts. We are an expert you can rely on, a personal on-call partner to help with your critical decisions.

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